Coffee Machine & Grinder Customisation

Here at Espresso Works, our job doesn’t stop at the sale of your coffee machine. We believe that every customer is unique and every machine should differ from the rest.

Once you find a machine that suits your needs, make it part of the family by a complete customisation paint job to your specifications. Green or pink, spots or pin stripes, vinyl wraps or logos, we can make your machine completely unique and a perfect fit for its surroundings.

We take our customisation projects seriously. We make sure that your machine will blend in with it’s habitat and stand out as a feature at the same time. With our in-house graphic team, we can create visual artist impressions on what your machine will look like after customisation.

Don’t forget that we also customise grinders too, to create the perfect matching set on your bench.

Below you will find some snaps from our customisation projects.