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Slayer Coffee Machines

Taste your coffee again. For the first time.

Slayer was imagined, designed, and built for one purpose: to make coffee better by means of “flavour profiling”. In the past, Slayer Espresso, an experienced team of coffee roasters, equipment distributors, and baristas, observed significant differences in mouth feel, body, and sweetness when comparing traditional lever machines to the contemporary models coming out of Italy. Their palates favoured the older machines, and as such they set out to determine exactly how they extract coffee and why they liked it more.

The Evolution of the Slayer Coffee Machine

They learnt three things: first, before releasing the spring inside, lever machines slowly infuse the ground coffee in water. Blooming inside of the portafilter, the coffee releases gas and is prepared for extraction, similar to the first stage of pour-over brewing.

Secondly, and because of this slow infusion, lever machines require baristas to grind coffee finer. Which is a good thing as the greater surface area on each coffee particle the more of the oils therein are available for extraction. This results in coating the palate, which mask bitterness and reveals inherent sweetness.

Finally, the pressure applied by lever machine springs gradually decline during extraction, muting acidity. The resulting cup is sweeter and more viscous and here is the key to the modern day Slayer coffee machine.

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“We fell in love with what lever machines can do, but we realized a flaw: they do only one thing. With one spring and one water flow rate, every coffee is extracted nearly the same. As roasters and baristas ourselves, we know that the ability to adapt is essential to making the best coffee.

Taking cues from history, integrating modern technologies, and filling gaps where we found them, we built a new machine – or, really, an entirely new way to make espresso. Unlike any other machine on the planet, Slayer uses a precision needle valve to control flow rate during extraction. With a prolonged pre-brew phase and the ability to change the brew water’s flow, baristas can use “flavor profiling” to manipulate the coffee’s aroma and taste.

Slayer is the machine for the discerning coffee professional. Its beauty and craftsmanship command attention and, most importantly, its coffee truly tastes different. Created by coffee lovers for coffee lovers, and built with no compromises, Slayer expertly achieves our goal and yours: make coffee better.”

 – Jason Prefontaine

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