Tiamo Cold Drips

Cold Drip Coffee Makers

Espresso Works is a leading provider of cold drip coffee makers in Perth, Australia. We supply top of the range cold drip coffee machines from the premium brand, Tiamo. Tiamo is a Taiwanese-based company that has a reputation for producing world class coffee brewing equipment, from cold water drippers to pour over pots and more.

Espresso works is not only a supplier of high quality coffee equipment, we are experts in the field too. We encourage you to get in touch with us if you have any questions about our range of cold drip coffee equipment. We have the knowledge and expertise to help you in any way we can, no matter how simple or complicated your question.

The Benefits of Cold Drip Coffee Makers

The cold and slow brewing method is not only fascinating to watch but it also offers many benefits to the coffee brew. This slow and tested method extracts coffee using cold water and so, it uncovers a whole host of new flavours that you wouldn’t usually get from a pressurised hot brew. Also, cold drip coffee comes without the astringency and bitterness that is typical of hot coffee, making it more palatable and a perfect solution for a hot summer’s day. Of course, it’s worth noting too that cold drippers are extremely visually appealing and they can really help sell the coffee.

Our Selection of Tiamo Cold Drip Coffee Makers

Our range of Tiamo cold drip coffee equipment is of the highest quality. The Tiamo cold drip coffee machines are manufactured in Taiwan and we are the only distributors of this brand in Australia. All our cold drippers are made of premium quality tempered glass. We have cold drippers in a classic wooden frame and we offer a full glass/Perspex model too. In addition, we provide the Tiamo Pour Over Kettle which helps you achieve the perfect pour over time and time again.

View our full range of Tiamo cold drip coffee equipment below.

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