Where Do Coffee Drinks Get Their Names? (Infographic)

Where Do Coffee Drinks Get Their Names? (Infographic)

From espresso enthusiasts to americano addicts, everyone appears to be well-versed in the language of coffee these days. But do you ever stop to think about where these exotic names come from? We at Espresso Works are fascinated by the history of coffee and our latest infographic looks into the stories behind the names of some of our favourite drinks.

For example, the Americano is thought to get its name from American soldiers who came to Italy during WWII who would add hot water to their espressos to weaken the taste.

Australia has also played a key role in developing the names of our favourite beverages. Did you know that the name Piccolo Latte is thought to have origins in Sydney? It began as a way for baristas to check how everything was tasting with milk without having to drink a dozen café lattes!

Next time you’re down at your local coffee shop, why not impress your friends with some fun facts about their drink! Read our infographic below for more.

Where Do Coffee Drinks Get Their Names